Food brings people together. At Occasions, that starts with the most delicious brainstorming sessions, where everyone adds menu ideas for the coming season, and then our talented culinarians develop all the new dishes. We source the best local and seasonal ingredients and transform them into works of art. Please explore our seasonal selections, as well as the Chef’s recommended menu compositions designed for triumphant events.

SEASONAL Selections

Check out the menu that matches your event timing, and see our take on the very best ingredients from the season. Mark your favorites, then work with an event designer to craft the perfect menu for your event.


Explore our catalog below of both fan-favorite and designer-recommended sample menus for any occasion!

A fan-favorite Italian buffet menu.

An all vegan buffet with hors d’oeuvre display.

Our most loved Colorado-inspired buffet menu.

A Colorado-inspired family-style menu.

An elegant plated dinner.

A “wedding approved” station menu

A classic barbeque menu.

A refreshing spring-inspired buffet.

A brunch buffet with elevated favorites.

A cozy hors d’oeuvre display.

A station menu with a Colorado twist.

A fan-favorite classic barbeque menu.

Our most sought-after passed hors d’oeuvre.

An expansive station menu for every taste.

An hors d’oeuvre party (with empanadas!)

A plated menu with a delicious blend of flavors.

A family-style breakfast menu.

Elegant and seasonal passed hors d’oeuvre.

Our most popular holiday buffet menu.

A hearty appetizer display menu.

A cozy hors d’oeuvre display menu.

An interactive station and exciting dessert menu.

An elevated buffet menu.

A culinary-forward plated duet menu.

An expansive curated menu of passed and displayed specialties.

A station menu with a Colorado twist.

A fall-inspired buffet menu.

A station menu with refreshing summer flavors.

A culinary-forward plated dinner.

An elegant pre-selected plated dinner.

A healthy lunch perfect for meetings.

A classic family style breakfast.

A hors d’oeuvre menu with global flavors.

Custom menus for Any Occasion

We love a theme party. Your event designer will design a menu that makes your theme pop!


Everyone wants to be able to enjoy the food at your event, so we seamlessly integrate dietary accommodations into our menu designs. Our menus are chock full of gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, and dairy free items, and we’re happy to design a menu around any allergy or preference. On your event day, our onsite team knows what’s in your food, so they can answer any guest question and steer them through their choices.


The rockstar team that prepares your food has two parts – our production group that works in our state-of-the-art headquarters kitchen, and our event chefs that build the onsite kitchen and finish your menu a la minute. It’s a glorious partnership and a site to behold!

Starting two weeks before your event, the production team meticulously crafts the prep instructions for each event and orders ingredients. They use advanced cooking techniques like sous vide circulators and digital steam ovens, and make sauces and dressings from scratch, to prepare this week’s events. Prepped ingredients are staged on dedicated carts and coolers for each event.

On your event day, the lead event chef checks through a detailed manifest to be sure they have every ingredient and all the required equipment, and they help the captain load the truck before heading to the venue. There, they fire commercial ovens and start sous vide baths, organize ingredients to match the menu, and guide their event culinary team so everything is ready according to schedule.

This complex behind-the-scenes ballet means you and your guests enjoy the freshest food, prepared by a dedicated team that is focused on creating a delicious experience at every event.

What’s Cooking in the kitchen

Innovation never stops at Occasions Catering, and the sources of ideas are endless. Our purveyors present us with new ingredients to try. An inspiration wakes one of us up, and we jot some notes to share with colleagues. Instagram and Tik Tok spark a new idea. A client makes a creative suggestion at their tasting.

We are always experimenting, always working to improve the guest experience and delight the guests at the events we cater. Because food is an essential part of our relentless mission to make the world a better place, one event at a time.

I really appreciate all the help and patience and flexibility in this ever-changing situation. I’m just truly grateful for your team!

I’ve lived in Colorado for over 50 years and I have never had catering that was this good.

The crew night-of, did a great job seamlessly transitioning between stages of passed and stationed hors d’oeuvres and apps to desserts.

During our tasting we had a couple of minor changes and tweaks, and when we tried our food on wedding day, they had taken everything we had said to heart and the meal was FANTASTIC!

Most weddings I go to, the food is just something to get through. The food from Occasions, however, was not just “good food for a wedding,” but great food for anywhere.

From the sales staff during the planning process to the captain, chef and service staff on the day of event, they are all 100% AMAZING!

We had an amazing night and their service was top notch. There was never a missed beat, and no guest was worried about anything other than having an amazing time!

Excellent handling of our wedding beforehand with food and beverage! Warm welcoming and attentive!

They were also so very helpful with making recommendations & collaborating with us on setup and what will be the best experience for our guests.

They worked directly with our venue, rental company, and planners to ensure our day was perfect and the food was INCREDIBLE!!