passed Hors D’Oeuvre

SWEET AND SPICY PORK BELLY | chile molasses glaze | gf, df

ROCKY MOUNTAIN PIZZETTA | grilled peach, goat cheese, basil, peach barrel aged balsamic | v

“CHICKEN AND WAFFLES” | savory waffle cone, serrano aioli, pickled celery

TUNA CRISP | ahi, plantain, ancho crème | gf, *

SPICY ELK SAUSAGE | smoked pineapple | gf, df

POMEGRANATE AVOCADO TOAST | pomegranate salsa, wildflower honey, feta | v

ROASTED FIG | brulée, prosciutto, ricotta | gf

POTATO BOMB | herbs, cheese | v, gf

passed Dessert

BUTTERSCOTCH BUDINO | caramelized puff pastry, chocolate cookie crumble | v

KEY LIME TARTLET | tart key lime, meringue | v

NUTELLA TART | chocolate shell | v, gf, nuts


We happily accommodate special dietary restrictions with advance notice. Our menus are designed to be as inclusive as possible, and items can be adjusted to meet most needs. The “guide to goodness” key will help you identify the menu items that will best serve your guests and you.