passed Hors D’Oeuvre

BOURBON GLAZED MEATBALL | colorado whiskey | df

MARGARITA TUNA CRISP | seared ahi, avocado, pico de gallo, lime juice, plantain rusk, ancho crème | gf, *

ROASTED FIG | brulée, prosciutto, ricotta | gf

POTATO BOMB | herbs, cheese | v, gf

Buffet Presentation

BISTRO SHORT RIBS | 18 hour braise, fresh gremolata | gf, df

BASIL AND SMOKED PAPRIKA CHICKEN | vegetable caponata, colorado honey vinaigrette | gf, df

ROSEMARY ROASTED POTATOES | olive oil, sea salt | vg, gf

COFFEE BEAN ROASTED HEIRLOOM CARROTS | fleur de sel, saffron, honey | v, gf

HEIRLOOM WEDGE SALAD | iceberg, heirloom tomato, beet “bacon,” smoked tomato vinaigrette, blue cheese, chives | v, gf

HOUSE HERBED FOCACCIA BASKET | whipped butter, pink salt | v


We happily accommodate special dietary restrictions with advance notice. Our menus are designed to be as inclusive as possible, and items can be adjusted to meet most needs. The “guide to goodness” key will help you identify the menu items that will best serve your guests and you.