Executive Chef

Chris zekos

Sure, sure, Coloradans love to complain about Californians moving here, but make an exception for Chris. Born and raised in the Bay Area with a Polish dad and Mexican mom, Chris started life understanding the intimate connection between food and culture. After graduating from the California Culinary Academy, he studied under noted chefs in Mexico and Los Angeles, focusing on Mexican fusion and indigenous Mexican cuisines. He then refined his culinary and management skills at a handful of great SF establishments. Chris recently left his coveted position as executive chef at the high end Mastro’s Steakhouse in San Francisco to be close to the Colorado mountains. You’ll find Chris, his partner Joleen, and their two dogs exploring the back country every chance they get.

Someone who is a mentor, artistic, constantly thinking outside the box, a critical thinker, and most importantly a teacher.

Doritos (nacho cheese) with warm nacho cheese drizzled on top and some chili

The Hunger Games

Mom’s Lasagna