A Red Carpet Culinary Experience: SeriesFest at Asterisk Denver

On May 3, 2024, we at Occasions Catering had the honor of catering SeriesFest at the stunning Asterisk Denver. The evening was nothing short of spectacular, and we are thrilled to share the highlights of this unforgettable event.

A Star-Studded Affair

SeriesFest, a celebration of the best in television, brought together 300 guests, including some of the most beloved VIPs from the TV world.

A TV-Themed Culinary Journey

Our team took the TV series theme to heart, creating a menu that was both fun and classy. We started the evening with a variety of themed hors d’oeuvres, each served on custom platters that paid homage to iconic TV moments. Guests enjoyed:

  • Los Pollos Hermanos Jerk Chicken: A spicy nod to “Breaking Bad.”
  • No Soup For You Soup Shooters: A playful tribute to “Seinfeld.”
  • The Original Beef of Chicagoland Italian Beef Sliders: Inspired by “The Bear.”
  • Big Bang Theory Dim Sum Cart: Featuring takeout containers reminiscent of the show’s famous takeout scenes.

As the evening progressed, our guests were treated to a meticulously planned plated duet for dinner. Our chefs and servers executed this complex service with precision and grace, presenting:

  • Bistro Short Ribs and Golden Stuffed Chicken: Served with spring vegetables and roasted garlic whipped potatoes, inspired by “Friday Night Dinner” from “The Gilmore Girls.”

A Sweet Finale

Dessert was where our creativity truly shined. We transformed the space into a delightful array of TV-themed stations, each offering a unique treat:

  • Central Perk Coffee Station: For late-night coffee lovers, a nod to “Friends.”
  • Ted Lasso’s Locker Room: Featuring his famous shortbread cookies.
  • I Love Lucy’s Chocolate Factory: Complete with attendants dressed like Lucy and Ethel.
  • Stranger Things Build Your Own Waffle Bar: Aptly named “Elevens Eggos.”

An Immersive Experience

The decor was an event highlight, with each table named after a different TV series, immersing guests in a world where their favorite shows came to life. Photo ops with iconic TV scenes were scattered throughout, providing endless entertainment and memories. The live music by The Remotes kept the energy high, culminating in an awards ceremony that honored some of television’s most influential figures.

A Testament to Dedication

SeriesFest 2024 was a testament to our dedication at Occasions Catering. Our team, from designers to chefs to service staff, worked tirelessly to create an event that was as immersive as it was enjoyable. We take pride in our ability to bring themes to life, using our creativity to craft experiences that our guests will remember for years to come.

This event was not just another catering gig; it was a celebration of our craft and our passion for creating unique, memorable experiences. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our skills at such a prestigious event