Starlight Canopy

Passed Hors d’Oeuvre
Sriracha Candied Bacon Capped Melon | rocky ford cantaloupe | gf
Spicy Tuna Pressed Sushi | ahi, avocado, cucumber, colorful drizzle trio | gf, *
Sweet Corn Gazpacho | avocado brunoise, aleppo chile, basil glass | vg, gf

Served Salad
Classic Caesar | romaine, parmesan ribbons, ciabatta croutons, caesar dressing | v
Artisan Bread Basket | whipped butter | v

Plated Duet Entrée
Choose one
Coldwater Ranch | signature rubbed sirloin, orange brown sugar smoked salmon, saffron arugula risotto, spiralized zucchini | gf
Hillside Bistro | wild mushroom and brie stuffed chicken, harissa grilled rocky mountain trout, warm gnocchi salad, simply sautéed broccolini

Vegetarian Option
Black Bean and Calabacitas Tamale | banana leaf wrap, smoked tomato coulis, crisp baja slaw | v, gf