Earth Day is a great opportunity to highlight the work Occasions does all year long to protect our environment. We are proud to be a pioneering #CertifiablyGreenDenver business, having worked diligently with our partners at Certifiably Green Denver and Alpine Waste Management to evolve our business model to continually reduce our carbon footprint. We also involve our staff and community partners in the charge to make the Earth a better place.

Occasions is in the top 10% of “green” Denver businesses as far as diverting waste from the landfill. In 2018, we conserved 2,914 gallons of oil, saved 95,161 gallons of water, and saved 65,002 lbs. of carbon GHG emissions from entering our atmosphere (See full report here). Also, based on our Green building initiatives have saved 25-30% kw of electricity and 5-10% of water consumption.

Some of the other projects we have completed are:

  1. Replaced our entire lighting infrastructure with LED fixtures
  2. Installed low-flow faucets and other water conservation equipment
  3. Implemented complete waste stream sorting at events, in our kitchens, and in the office
  4. Added new policies to reduce waste generation, such as a request-only straw policy, with compostable straws
  5. Engaged employees and community partners through staff training and empowerment

Perhaps the greatest measure of our impact is the influence we’ve had on our team:

“Occasions not only takes steps to help our environment, they also take the time to educate their employees. They have made a huge impact on how I handle my ‘waste’ at home.” — Chef Deana

“Our environmental awareness and dedication to the highest standards from all employees creates an environment of conscientiousness among the employees that carries far beyond the work we do on the clock.” — Captain Tim

Our sustainability initiatives embrace Occasions’ core values of LOVE-TRUST-PARTNERSHIP, whether it is through our team volunteer activities and board memberships, or our frequent field trips to study sustainability in action and truly understand how what we do affects the environment around us. Do you have a great idea for a new sustainability initiative for us? We welcome your ideas. Until then, know that we’re continuing to work to save our planet, one compostable straw at a time!