The coronavirus pandemic has continued longer than most people anticipated, and we know that many of our client partners are considering how best to proceed with their events. We hope this information, which we update periodically, will help inform these difficult decisions.

Please note that the policies in effect at the time you formalize any change to your event will apply to that change.

Thank you for trusting Occasions to be your catering partner and for understanding our policies.


  • All Occasions employees must be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. Those few employees that may be exempt for religious or medical reasons will be required to present regular evidence of negative COVID-19 test results. This policy protects our clients, their guests, and our team from the risk of COVID-19 infection by creating the safest possible event environment. Vaccinating our team also advances the goal of achieving “herd immunity” – a level of vaccination that protects against community spread of the disease and helps our industry return to normal.
  • For privacy reasons, we cannot differentiate for clients or guests which staff are vaccinated and which are following our rigorous testing protocol due to their mandatory vaccination exemption.


  • We are actively involved with the Colorado Event Alliance, an organization formed to support special event industry employees and advocate for the safe return to events. Through the CEA, we keep close tabs on state and local guidelines regarding events, and we adhere to those public health orders as we complete our work for you.


Keeping guests and staff safe at events

  • Every member of our staff must pass a health screening upon arrival to be allowed to work.
  • All culinary and event staff wear masks and gloves.
  • We wash hands and change gloves with defined frequencies and log these activities.
  • We ask our clients to help keeping their events safe by communicating actively with their guests about safety protocols and agreeing to follow the guidelines ordered by government authorities.

Costs for safety enhancements

  • We have absorbed most of the new costs of our comprehensive safety enhancements, such as the frequent training sessions we conduct and extra time spent cleaning and sanitizing equipment.
  • Certain event-specific costs, such as additional staff, equipment and rentals at events to meet safety requirements, will be included on your catering bill.


  • We understand that no one wants to cancel their event. At the same time, we depend on our contracted revenues and payment schedules to maintain a business that has served the Denver community for over 50 years. If you are considering rescheduling or canceling your event, please familiarize yourself with the language below before making that difficult decision. We do adhere strictly to this policy.
  • Most event restrictions have been lifted across Colorado. Unless the State or applicable local government institutes new restrictions, we will follow the provisions of our agreement relative to rescheduling and cancellation.
  • We are no longer making special accommodations for events if they are rescheduled or canceled due to mask or social distancing requirements, but we continue to accommodate mandatory guest-size limits as described below.
  • If you cancel because a government order covering your contracted date prohibits events at your venue, or limits events to 10 or fewer guests, we will release you from all obligations of your bill except for the Save the Date Payment, plus any actual out-of-pocket costs we’ve incurred in preparation for your event that exceed that payment.
  • If your event guest count must be reduced in order to comply with a government order restricting the size of events, we will adjust your event costs accordingly, even if these reductions are imposed after your guest count guarantee is due.
  • If you cancel because a government order covering your contracted date at your venue restricts events to a guest count greater than 10, but less than the number of guests for which you’ve contracted, we will adjust your event costs to the maximum allowable guest number and release you from any obligations of your bill in excess of that adjusted cost.

Additional Cancellation Provisions

  • If we cancel your event because you won’t agree to follow the safety guidelines set forth by government authorities, we will treat that as a cancellation by you and follow the terms of our agreement relative to the event finances.
  • If we cancel your event unilaterally for any reason other than a government action as described above, we will refund any monies we have collected from you. In over 50 years, we have never canceled a client’s event.
  • We work closely with the non-profit We Don’t Waste to arrange for donations of surplus foods from last-minute cancellations.