Sales Tax Waiver Form

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Colorado and some local governments have specific criteria for charitable and governmental catering purchases to be exempt from sales tax. Before completing this form, please note that (a) catering when guests purchase tickets does not qualify for sales tax waiver, and (b) most out-of-state entities do not qualify for exemption from the state portion of sales tax. We work to follow state and local sales tax requirements as carefully as we can and apologize for the inconvenience of completing this form. We look forward to working with you!



Submissions must include Federal and Colorado sales tax exemption. Waiver of local sales tax depends on the rules in the local jurisdiction. We are unable to waive sales tax without all necessary supporting documentation.
Agencies of the State of Colorado, including educational institutions, can skip this step. We are required to have supporting documentation in our files if we waive local tax in a city that has its own sales tax exemption rules. FOR DENVER EVENTS: you may upload your IRS 501c3 determination letter or a relevant document from the Department of Finance.
Max. file size: 250 MB.
This step is required for all clients. Please upload a copy of your Certification of Exemption from the Colorado Department of Revenue.
Max. file size: 250 MB.



In order to qualify for tax exemption, all of these statements must be true and affirmed by checking the boxes:
The purchase is included under and is part of the regular religious or charitable functions and activities of the organization, or is purchased in a governmental capacity.*
The transaction is billed direct to the organization, and payment is made directly from organization funds (purchases made by individuals do not qualify for the exemption even if the individual will be reimbursed by the organization).*
The participants at the event have not and will not reimburse the organization in any way for the event, such as by purchase of a ticket, payment of a registration fee, or by making an involuntary contribution.*

I am authorized to act on behalf of the above-named organization.*
The above-named organization accepts liability for any tax should the transaction not qualify for tax exemption.*